StreamBridge™ is your company's cutting-edge distribution service that seamlessly connects clients' streaming applications, FAST channels, and on-demand content to platforms worldwide. StreamBridge™ ensures a smooth and efficient distribution process, making it the ultimate solution for content delivery in the digital streaming landscape.

Spotlight Your Service(s)

Through close collaboration, we develop marketing materials that to mirror your brand's essence. Through a well-thought-out presentation of your service, we engage viewers and pique their interest.

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Pitching Your Service(s)

We serve as your distribution agent, effectively communicating the essential features of your service to our partners. This involves promoting your unique value proposition, facilitating marketing efforts, and maintaining a feedback loop with our network to ensure your service's success.

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Promotional Opportunities

We continuously collect and strategically share our clients' content to platform partners throughout the year to maximize their exposure. This involves carefully curating information and aligning it with key marketing events, ensuring the messaging reaches the right audience at the right time.

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StreamBridge™ FAQs

 Explore answers to common questions related to distribution, discovery, and best practices. Whether you're an experienced global business or just venturing into the OTT space, our FAQs provide expert insights, tips, and solutions to streamline your global distribution processes.

How soon will my service be pitched to platforms after it is completed?

As soon as the service is operationally ready for delivery, we will include you within our Streambridge offering and reach out to platforms.

How will I know if my service has been accepted by a platform?

You are able to track the status of your distribution within your content management system. We also send out confirmation sheets for you to sign upon any approvals.

Will your team help me understand the market landscape and where I can expect my best opportunities?

Yes!  We hold strategy sessions with every client to gain a deeper understanding of your service, identify the best opportunities, and provide a clearer grasp of the landscape.

Are you able to guarantee me placement across platforms?

As your technology partner and vendor, we cannot guarantee approval, as that responsibility lies directly with the platforms. However, we understand what platforms are looking for and how to best present your service to align with their metrics for review.

Do all platforms accept FAST channels?

Not all platforms have a FAST offering, and not all platforms are live in every territory.  With different platforms being live in different territories, and with a different content offering, you want to have a digital strategy that is able to reach your audience across all opportunities available to you.


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