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Empower your brand to connect directly with your audience through a tailored digital strategy, incorporating streaming application and FAST channel development, to drive a personalized and engaging viewing experience.

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 In the ever-changing digital media landscape, streaming remains a popular choice for consumers. Whether you're a content creator, media entrepreneur, or a business looking to broaden your audience, the current environment offers many opportunities within reach.

At OTTera, we can be your reliable support system across various facets of your streaming venture. We can help you turn your OTT service or FAST channel concept into reality in as little as one month.  You can confidently enter the digital media industry and establish your presence in the world of online streaming. Launch your OTT service or FAST channel to engage with global audiences today!

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In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, recognizing the significance and value of data is crucial. However, we understand that harnessing this data can often be a complex and daunting task. StreamInsights™ not only acknowledges the importance of data but simplifies the process of using it effectively.

No longer will you need to spend time sifting through endless spreadsheets or struggling to decipher raw data. StreamInsights™ offers a user-friendly and interactive dashboard, carefully designed to deliver clear and actionable insights into your video content. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or platform manager, this tool is custom-tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Our platform provides a seamless and easy-to-review way for your team to extract valuable guidance from the data, ensuring that you can make informed decisions with confidence and ease.

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Our global support network underscores our deep understanding of your desire for a support team that comprehends your specific challenges and is easily accessible. With team members proficient in multiple languages and positioned across various countries, we are well-equipped to tailor our assistance to your unique needs.

Whether your organization operates on a global scale with offices scattered worldwide or you are an individual exploring new horizons, our 24/7 global support is meticulously designed to meet your requirements. Whenever you encounter an issue, be it technical, logistical, or simply the need for information, our network is consistently available to offer a helping hand. Day or night, our team stands ready to help you overcome obstacles and navigate challenges, ensuring that your concerns are addressed with efficiency and care.

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Development FAQs

Explore Comprehensive OTT App and FAST Channel Development FAQs – Your ultimate resource for streaming success and user engagement in the digital entertainment landscape

Do you develop for all platforms and devices?

Yes!  We develop for all device types, platforms & operating systems.

Do you provide an analytic dashboard?

Yes, StreamInsights™ is our analytics offering where you will be able to track your key video consumption and content performance metrics through interactive data visualizations. Track metrics such as unique viewers, sessions, watch time and break them down by content categories to identify the most engaging content.

Can I deliver content via a MRSS feed?

Yes, you can deliver content to us in a variety ways, including through a MRSS feed, as a bulk upload via CSV files, or migrating content from vimeo dropbox, or many other destinations.  

Do you have a list of minimum content requirements?

This depends on the platform, but most ask for the following specs: 
- 1080p with minimum 13,500 kbps bitrate OR 720p with minimum 8,000 kbps bitrate
- 23,976 or 29,97 Frames per Second
- Audio Program Loudness (CALM Act) target is -24 LKFS and should range between -20 LKFS and -30 LKFS
- No side black bars to make SD content look like HD content
- .mp4, .ts or .mov Containers

Can the same content uploaded video be used for applications and FAST channels?

Yes, and that is a plus of OTTera being a solution across the board.  Everything you add into your content management system  can be used both for the scheduling of FAST channels or development of applications, as they are both available within the CMS.


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