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TV Everywhere

Join the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the dozens of services we power and launch your own white-label OTT service on all phones, tablets, TVs, and computers. Whether on-demand, linear TV, or live streams, let your audience view your content anywhere, on any device, anytime.

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Monetization Opportunities

Tired of small checks and/or demonetization? Take control and monetize through ads, subscriptions, sponsorships, or transactions, and distribute your content on your own terms and maximize profits.

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Business Consultation

We don’t just build your service, we help you grow it. With 10+ years of experience running our own OTT services and partnerships with the world’s top consumer electronic brands, we can help get your service promoted or pre-installed on millions of devices.

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At OTTera, the end of initial development doesn’t mark the end of our cooperation. We are constantly working on new features to help maximize profits and user experience and roll these out to all of our clients. When support is needed, we are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Social Networks

Lost in the deluge of Instagram and Facebook? Whether stand-alone or as part of your OTT service, we’ll help you launch a topic-driven and/or private social network. Re-engage and re-target like never before.

Instant Apps

Have an existing blog, podcast, and/or Roku app? We can adapt your MRSS, RSS, and JSON feeds (or your APIs) to instantly launch fully native applications on phones, tablets, and TVs. With inexpensive plans, we have tools that can work for projects of any shape and size.

Professional Features

• Fully Customizable
• Content Management
• Transcoding and CDNs
• VOD, Linear, and Live
• 4K, 360, Interactive
• Adaptive Bitrate, DRM
• Captions / Subtitles
• Multi-Language
• User Management
• Analytics & Reporting

Full Spectrum Distribution

While video is a critical piece to any successful service, to attract and retain your audience, we give you the tools to launch any type of content you want. From articles & podcasts to interactive books & music, we’ll create a focused destination for your audience.

Why is OTT critical for your brand?
Over 35 million households have cut the cord in the U.S. alone
OTT Services will generate over $60 billion dollars in revenue in 2019
Take back control over your content, your message, your audience, and your monetization

Our Team

A leading digital distribution platform combining brand-centric strategy with cutting edge technology
Quickly & Effectively Launch Your Brand's Content On Any Smart Device

As a leader in cultivating and adapting the newest cutting edge technologies, OTTera provides one of the most comprehensive suites of technology and services that is custom designed for a wide variety of brands and content owners.

Beyond our aggressive technological developments, another ingredient in our secret formula is undoubtedly our team. By maintaining an all-star team of highly skilled engineers, experienced business strategists, top performing content managers, and monetization specialists, our client partners can rest assured that their brand will be receiving 5 star support through each stage of the process.

At OTTera, we stand by our goal to provide brands with the most streamline, all-encompassing solution to meet all of their digital content distribution needs.

Welcome to the era of OTT.

  • 10+ Years of Building OTT

  • Strong CE Partnerships

  • Monetize, Analyze, and Optimize

  • 10+ Years of Operating OTT

OTTera powers services with over 45 million users worldwide
Join us and launch your OTT or Social Network service on:
iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, Smart TVs, and Web

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