March 15, 2017

OTTera White-Label Services

Cross-Platform Development

OTTera’s innovative team of engineers and developers have well over 10 years of specialized industry experience working hand in hand with top tier device manufacturers and OTT platforms alike to ensure the most optimal products are delivered our clients and their end users.  With targeted development and launches in over 196 countries, over 30 different languages, and reaching over 500 million devices, you can trust OTTera to develop a robust world-class market-defining app suite for you and your brand.


Multi-Platform UI/UX Design

It takes a good design team to develop the look and feel of an application but it requires an all-star design team to design a beautiful and non-intrusive app design while maintaining cross-platform cohesion between each individual application across various devices and platforms.

Our UI/UX team draws experience from designing for a multitude of various platforms, keeping up with current and upcoming UI/UX trends, mapping positive user flow, engaging in user group testing, and much more in order to successfully develop engaging designs for our clients.

Monetization Services

Whether it involves setting different price points, value creation, or any of the other A through Z’s of monetization, OTTera is here to help!

We have experience strategizing in numerous marketplaces, different currencies and various revenue models, including Subscription, Advertisement, and Transactional.

OTTera offers a premium complete advertisement service to any brands looking to easily and quickly monetize with ads on their service by offering to deal, negotiate, integrate and handle provision of ad fill in front of our client’s content so our client’s don’t have to.  This helps ensure our clients get the benefits of higher CPM rates, higher quality content, and more engaging advertisers so they can launch their app and begin monetizing immediately, hassle-free.

Business Development

New to the OTT space? Seeking advice from long time industry veterans? OTTera provides A-Z consultative services to all clients seeking advice or complete business plans to help get their brand where they need it to be.

Quality Assurance

All of OTTera’s products go through rigorous QA testing to ensure our clients and their customers are getting the best experience possible.  We utilize a combination of automated and live testing to ensure our products meet and exceed industry standards.


At OTTera, the end of development doesn’t mark the end of our cooperation. Working with us means continual support whenever you need it.  We have dedicated development teams available in every time zone to ensure we can provide top quality support anytime you need it.

Social Media Services

We understand that gaining users isn’t easy in this new technological era.  We can provide complete social media consultation to help boost your current strategies, develop completely new strategies to help with stronger user acquisition, or fulfill a premium social media takeover where we handle all of your social media needs from end to end so you can worry about the other important parts of your business.


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OTTera integrates with certain 3rd party services for metadata enrichment. Attribution is as follows:

“This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.”