Asset Management and Distribution

With the OTTera CMS, our clients can manage their content, users, and monetization as well as view analytics and run reports all in one place. Whether coupled with our OTT services, our Social Network services, or stand-alone, our CMS is the central hub for your content storage and distribution.

Asset Management and Distribution

Optimize Distribution with the OTTera CMS

One central location to manage your content distribution.

Video Ingestion & DeliveryVideo Ingestion & Delivery

We provide an end-to-end solution for all video ingestion and delivery:

  • Single or Bulk Upload of Content
  • Transcoding Content
  • Digital Right’s Management (DRM) Encryption
    • Support for AES-128 TLS, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, Modular Widevine, and HLS Secure ensures secure content and data delivery
    • All licensing requests and distribution are automatically handled by our system.
  • Utilizes the world’s best CDN’s with edge distribution
  • On-the-fly adaptive bitrate packaging in HLS, MPEG-DASH, or Smooth Stream formats.
  • Optional Progressive MP4 delivery
  • Optional Distribution through MRSS Feeds to 3rd Party Services


At OTTera, we let the data speak for itself, which is why we offer our clients highly granular data to ensure they get the best insights about their service, their usage, and their customer base.

Our robust analytics allow you to:

  • Track usage of content for reporting to content producers and device partners
  • Provide content rankings and user recommendations
  • Track overall service usage


We do our best to support any business or monetization model our clients believe in.  With that mantra in mind, OTTera provides an extensive suite of monetization support options including a proprietarily built ad server, subscription services with order management, payment gateways, and merchant services

Content Licensing ManagementContent Licensing Management

OTTera provides tools for companies to assign content to specific Rights Holders, apply optional revenue share parameters for Advertising and Subscription revenue, and an advanced reporting system to help in revenue tracking as well as exporting and distributing reports.

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  • Our fully built CMS allows administrators to easily create, edit, and search various user types as well as set custom access rules.


  • Our proprietarily built advertising platform supports video and static banner pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll of any quantity and duration.  OTTera also offers a premium advertising service where OTTera provides 100% of the ad fill so clients can launch their app and begin monetizing immediately without having to experience the initial hassles of procuring advertisers.


  • Our apps fully support fixed interval payment subscriptions with the capability of supporting both intermittent or permanent free trial promotions.  Additionally, our platform is built to support registration coupon codes and customer referral services to give our clients plenty of flexible marketing tools to grow their user base.


  • Our system is fully optimized for transactional VOD, which allow users to access potential functions such as pay per view, access paid content within set time frames, pay per download, and more.


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