In advertising environments where client-side integrations are difficult, server-to-server header bidding is the best way to connect to all of the largest programmatic platforms in the world. AdNet+ is here to help.

No matter if you have a live linear channel, a VOD app, or both OTTera AdNet+ is ready to handle the scale of programmatic and direct advertising.

Let OTTera become your ELM™ (Exclusive Licensed Monetizer) to supercharge your new or existing OTT advertising.

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The Best Way to Connect

to all of the largest programmatic platforms in the world

Managed ServicesManaged Services

Do you have an app, are you launching a new app with OTTera? Not sure how you're going to monetize? No worries, AdNet+ is here to help!

Work with the OTTera AdNet+ agency to supercharge your ad sales and operations. OTTera brings over 10 years of relationships in the advertising space to ensure that your set up and working with leading advertisers day one.

Solution as a ServiceSolution as a Service

Do you already have a full advertising sales and operations team? No worries, reach out today to start using industry-leading header bidder technology to supercharge your existing advertising operations.



Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) or Ad Stitching is the technology that enables video publishers to insert ad breaks into their content streams.
Before you start integrating, you may wish to reach out to in order to assess your needs and pick the right type of SSAI implementation for you.
In this documentation you will find:

OTTera provides an SSAI solution for Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Linear content. Reach out today to learn more.

Header Bidding

  • Bring your demand to the future using OTTera's advanced Header Bidder technologies.

  • Overview - How it works
    OTTera provides an endpoint is requested when an ad opportunity occurs.
    OTTera runs an auction between all of the desired programmatic platforms
    The winning bid for each Ad Slot is returned as the response of the request to the OTTera endpoint
    The winning bids are then either passed on to the ad server or to the ad stitcher depending on the publisher’s configuration

  • Connecting through a Vast tag.

    The simplest way to connect to OTTera is to plug a Vast tag into your ad server, video player, or advertising SDK.

    Please see the below technical diagram for details on how OTTera handles the bidding process in AdNet+

    Technical Diagram

SSAI (Server Side Ad-Insertion)

  • OTTera's AdNet+ SSAI solution integrates seamlessly with your existing advertising partners.

    AdNet+ is a trusted partner of TheRokuChannel, TCL, Plex, and more.

  • High-quality streaming, OTTera AdNet+ optimizes the stream to ensure that the user is always seeing content in the highest possible quality.

  • Focus on Advertising Delivery:

    Nothing is worse than when you had an advertisement to show your end-user, but it never shows up! AdNet+ focuses on delivering the highest quality ad to each available ad slot combining advertisements from multiple partners for optimized CPM's.

Direct Campaigns

  • Do you have direct deals that you need to traffic as well? No worries, OTTera's AdNet+ platform is optimized to become the origin of your direct advertising sales, bringing advanced campaign targeting and reporting you can now traffic 100% of your demand through a single platform that will always make sure you're earning the most from all possible campaigns.

  • Employ advanced Campaign settings to ensure that you are serving to the target audience. With advanced features like frequency capping and day-parting, you can schedule your campaigns to serve when, where, how, and who you want.

Advanced Podding

  • OTTera's AdNet+ platform uses advanced technologies to fill your ad time in the most optimized fashion possible; ad pods. Using the AdNet+ platform you can rest assured that your advertising will always prioritize publisher earnings, while employing cutting edge technology to ensure the advertising experience is flawless, like you and your clients demand.


  • With log-level reporting, you can start to learn more about your audience through advertising metrics. Learn where your users are viewing your content, what content earns the most, and use that information for future campaigns!

  • Live Reporting allows you to know what's happening, as it's happening.

    With AdNet+ Live reporting, you can see the activity on your network as ads are being requested and served.

Brand Safety

  • OTTera has built the ability to split advertisers creative fills based on brand-safe & nonbrand safe tags allowing the largest advertisers in the world to feel confident that the advertisements being served, are being served on the brand-safe videos they want, while also allowing advertisers to serve against less brand-safe content for older audiences. 

    In action, this allows us to serve alcohol ads on our more adult-focused content while serving family safe ads on children's focused content. 

  • Using industry standards, you can set custom brand safety rules based on IAB advertising categories, applying those rules to individual or groups of channels for high-level control.



  • OTTera AdNet+ brings an industry-leading support team with a full ticketing system and knowledge base. We are here to help make sure you're able to use the AdNet+ platform no matter your needs.


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