Jan 24, 2023

Telefórmula To Launch on Roku and Samsung TV’s via OTTera’s BroadFAST™

Telefórmula To Launch on Roku and Samsung TV’s via OTTera’s BroadFAST™

LA-based OTT/FAST service, OTTera, is proud to announce that news channel TeleFórmula, part of Mexico’s largest radio company Grupo Formula, will now be available on Roku and Samsung connected TVs, powered by OTTera’s BroadFAST, which offers Dynamic Slate Substitution for traditional broadcast channels.

“We are pleased to have been selected as a partner for TeleFórmula and Grupo Formula to assist in their expansion into the FAST market to expand their reach across major platforms like The Roku Channel and Samsung TV Plus,” said Stephen L. Hodge, Chairman and CEO of OTTera Inc. “As a part of our BroadFAST™ channel network, TeleFórmula will be able to quickly and easily adapt its broadcast channel to the FAST linear model and continue to provide best in class news content to viewers.”

TeleFórmula is an informational network covering entertainment news, sports news, women’s issues, financial news, political news, health and more, with original and live programming highlighting the current events from opinion leaders in Mexico.

“At TeleFórmula, we are thrilled about our partnership with OTTera, a leading player in the OTT streaming ecosystem. We firmly believe that OTT streaming is the future of television, and we are excited to be a part of its growth in the coming years. Grupo Formula is the leading Mexican media company known for its radio and television networks. Our flagship channel, TeleFórmula, targets audiences in North America and Latin America with a diverse range of content, including news, sports, entertainment, finance, and opinion programming,” said Hector Aguilar, CTO of Formula Group.

OTTera offers Dynamic Slate Substitution to its BroadFAST™ clients, dynamically replacing broadcast ad slates with FAST ad slates, and dynamically selected fill content to properly bring the traditional broadcast feed into compliance with FAST platform requirements.

TeleFórmula has a dynamic ad load schedule, with different ad break durations depending on the time of day/day of week, which varies even more in certain programming scenarios (breaking news, etc).

As such, OTTera has built an engine that will dynamically process the feed, and substitute branded ad slate and short form content and interstitials, based on the initial request duration. This provides a seamless viewing experience for the end user, and a non-disruptive process for the BroadFAST™ client, who can continue to program their channel using their existing workflows and scheduling guidelines. This is just one of the many ways OTTera helps publishers schedule once, play many.

About OTTera

A proven leader with a track record of success in: mobile application technology development, content acquisition and creation, and white label platform streaming technology. With his technology background, Stephen spearheaded companies like Toon Goggles, Digital Media Interactive, Anywhere Artists and OTTera. Today, distribution of services managed by Stephen and his team reaches over 70 million monthly unique viewers across every major consumer electronic device worldwide. Stephen leads in the overall strategies for content licensing, business development, monetization, and ensuring OTTera and its related companies stay ahead of their competition.

The OTTera White Label Service is a fully managed scalable OTT service with native distribution across all major platforms including iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, HTML5, Chromecast and Web. The service offers FAST channel distribution to cable/satellite services and vMVPDs (Samsung, LG, Sling, Xumo, Pluto, etc.).

About TeleFórmula

TeleFórmula is the Grupo Formula TV channel. It specializes in the production of newscasts, sports shows, entertainment, finance and opinion shows. The channel is owned by Grupo Fórmula, the most important media group in Mexico, and is broadcast internationally from Mexico.

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