Jun 12, 2023

OTTera And Nextologies Form Partnership To Empower Linear Channels To Go FAST

OTTera And Nextologies Form Partnership To Empower Linear Channels To Go FAST

OTTera, a leader in FAST linear and OTT application solutions, and Nextologies, a global leader in broadcast video transport solutions, have joined forces in a strategic alliance. The partnership aims to revolutionize the FAST space by streamlining the delivery and distribution of broadcast channels to reach prominent FAST platforms.

Nextologies is a world leader in signal acquisition, processing and delivering more than 6,000 linear and OTT television feeds worldwide. In this exclusive partnership, OTTera will spearhead the monetization capabilities for Nextologies’ clients: broadcast channels that want to become FAST channels, with its BroadFAST™ product. This partnership will empower both companies’ clientele to further monetize their existing channels in the rapidly growing FAST segment. It will also empower viewers worldwide to access a diverse range of domestic and international programming, encompassing live, news, sports, entertainment, and more.

“By leveraging Nextologies’ technology and global infrastructure, along with OTTera’s BroadFAST™ technology for channel monetization, we’re giving our clients the ability to monetize their existing services without incurring excessive costs,” says Sasha Zivaonic, CEO of Nextologies. “We’re adding additional technology to our software stack to create a one-stop shop that makes it easier and faster for channels to take advantage of the FAST path.”

“Get ready to witness a game-changing collaboration that will revolutionize the global adoption of FAST channels,” says Stephen L. Hodge, CEO of OTTera. “By combining the unparalleled strength of Nextologies’ technology and infrastructure with OTTera’s unbeatable distribution, delivery, and monetization capabilities, we are on the cusp of transforming the FAST and AVOD industry in a way never imagined before.”

As the demand for diverse and localized programming continues to grow, the partnership between OTTera and Nextologies is set to reshape the future of the FAST space. By harnessing the strengths of  OTTera’s AdNet+ division and Nextologies’ award-winning ACD (Automatic Commercial Detection), linear channels can reach greater audiences and deliver an enhanced viewing experience with a wide selection of domestic and international broadcast channels along with targeted advertising.

For more information about OTTera and Nextologies, please visit their respective websites at www.ottera.tv and www.nextologies.com.

About OTTera

OTTera is a professional white label service that allows companies to quickly launch highly customized, affordable OTT services. Based in Los Angeles, OTTera powers 600+ live application deliveries and 1.5k+ live FAST channel deliveries, with more than 300 million users worldwide. The OTTera White Label Service offers companies the latest OTT technologies with one of the widest distribution reaches on the market. For over 14 years OTTera has maintained strong partnerships with the world’s largest CE manufacturers including Samsung, Vizio, Sony and Hisense.

The OTTera White Label Service is a fully managed scalable OTT service with native distribution across all major platforms including iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, HTML5, Chromecast and Web. The service offers linear distribution to cable/satellite services and vMVPDs (Samsung, LG, Sling, Xumo, Pluto, etc.), as well as diverse monetization including subscription, advertising via OTTera’s AdNet+ service and transactions.

About Nextologies

The company has a global broadcast video delivery network specializing in high-quality, broadcast-grade video connectivity for broadcasters and content owners across the globe. Operating out of multiple teleports and data centers, Nextologies is a solutions provider that has instant access to over 55,000 linear TV channels downlinked from 92 globally-placed satellites. In addition, Nextologies is a leader in signal acquisition and delivery providing fiber, IP and custom end-to-end solutions for IPTV and OTT platforms and video-centric applications across all platforms. Notable clients include established broadcasters, enterprise and emerging companies.

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