Feb 7, 2023

Dallas Based Startup TV Network, AfroLandTV, Launches Live Channel On VIZIO Smart TV’s

Dallas Based Startup TV Network, AfroLandTV, Launches Live Channel On VIZIO Smart TV’s

AfroLandTV, the leading streaming platform for global Black movies and TV from the African diaspora, is excited to announce the launch of its live channel on VIZIO WatchFree+, VIZIO’s free streaming service. The channel will feature a wide variety of programming, including original series, movies, shows and Nollywood, all focused on telling the stories of Africa and its diaspora.

This distribution with VIZIO is a significant step forward for AfroLandTV, as it will bring the platform’s diverse and engaging content to a wider audience in the United States. The launch comes just in time for Black History Month, providing a unique opportunity for millions of VIZIO smart TV users in the U.S. to immerse themselves in a diverse range of global Black stories from Africa, the US, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. The live channel is powered by investor and technology vendor, OTTera Inc., and will also allow viewers to stay up to date with the latest cultural events in Africa and the diaspora.

“We are thrilled to bring our unique and dynamic content to VIZIO viewers,” said AfroLandTV CEO, Michael Maponga. “It’s important for us to continue to provide a platform for diverse voices and stories and expanding our reach on WatchFree+ allows us to do that on a larger scale.”

VIZIO’s WatchFree+ offers millions of viewers access to hundreds of live and on-demand channels, including news, sports, and entertainment, all without the need for a cable or satellite subscription.

“We are pleased to welcome AfroLandTV to the WatchFree+ platform,” said Greg Barnard, Director of Content Acquisition at VIZIO. “Their unique and diverse content is a valuable addition to the WatchFree+ programming lineup for millions of viewers.”

AfroLandTV’s live channel is now available on VIZIO WatchFree+ on channel 234. To learn more about AfroLandTV, visit the website at www.afrolandtv.com.

About AfroLandTV

AfroLandTV is the leading streaming platform that offers a wide variety of content from the global Black diaspora, including live TV, movies, Nollywood and shows. They feature a diverse selection of content from various countries and regions, including Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and the African American community. The platform is dedicated to telling the stories of Africa and its diaspora and providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. The go-to-destination for global Black entertainment.


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